The Mexico Table

This is a one of a kind table was created by one man’s vision to use pieces (cookies) that were sliced off of the supporting “tree” that you see in the picture to the left.

He had numerous pieces, but was not sure how he could get these put together. He knew what he wanted and had talked with others and they felt it could not be done, or did not want to try.

He contacted us and Jerry went to their home and they laid all of the “cookies” on the floor and made a template.

Numerous attempts were made to determine what was going to be used between the “cookies”. It was finally decided that they wanted it to look like a riverbed. As you look down through the finish you get the 3-D effect of a river bottom. Numerous “pours” of the finish were completed to fill all of the “riverbeds” and then to make sure all of the “cookies” were covered and the table top was level.

The owner had a stump that had three supports which made a wonderful base. The size of this table was such that most all of the work had to be done on site. The owner knew that he wanted this table bar height and that bar stools would be used and not regular table chairs.

With his creative vision and our help, they now have a one of a kind table that compliments their unique home.